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M-CET Gallery on Long St

Culture and Education Centre
M-CET Gallery on Long St
The KWV buildings, corner of Long and Kohler Streets, are fine remaining examples of historical industrial architecture in a rural area and were acquired by the Museum in the 1990s.

Montagu Culture & Education Trust owns and manages the KWV building, one of the landmarks of Montagu, on the corner of Long and Kohler Street.

At this location you will find:

1. The Gallery on Long St, curator: Blackie Badenhorst
2. RAD Foundation Rural Arts Development, CEO Helen Gooderson
3. Klein Art Bazaar, art teacher Hanna Naudé
4. Cape Art Group, promoting art for young adult artists in a casual environment
5. die Groot Appelkoos
6. the Odeon cinema

There is also a Treasure shop at GalleryOnLongSt where you can buy Books, Porcelain and many more!

It also houses a media room with modern video and sound equipment which regularly screens classical contemporary films, a large events venue and “kuipe” in which some of our local artists express their talent.

Cell: +27 79 119 0795

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