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Montagu Bookshop

Thursday, 30 August 2018
Montagu Bookshop
They say Ebook sales are falling and Print Book Sales are rising again, how exciting if that is indeed true! Let's face it, physical books smell better, make more meaningful gifts, are much easier to share and set great examples for our kids.

Jo Prentice has owned the Bookshop since November 2014, but it was started by Neil and Penny Behrens, many years before that. Initially, the bookshop was managed by Jo's daughter, Janet, but for the last two years, Jo has kept things alive and well.

There are not many new developments in a second-hand bookshop! The Montagu Bookshop tries to stock good quality; interesting; clean second-hand books, at affordable prices.

During the last year they have upgraded not only the bookstock, but also acquired new shelving and signage. It is really easy for visitors to find books of interest, as each bookcase is clearly marked.

You can even find Emile Badenhorst's new book: Kogmanskloof Odyssee - "Die groot avonture van 'n klein jagter". It is illustrated by Emile's sister, Maraja Badenhorst-Burger. Published initially in Afrikaans, an English edition will follow.

There is also a wonderful new book by Jose Manuel de Prada-Samper, a Spanish folklorist who has studied San ( Bushmen) stories for decades. The book title is: The Man who Cursed the Wind and other stories from the Karoo. Published by African Sun Press.

For those who are familiar with "The Never Ending Story", who knows what adventure awaits you at the Montagu Bookshop.

ADDRESS: 48 Bath Street, Montagu 6720

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