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Kogman and Keisie Organic Farm

Sunday, 02 December 2018
Kogman and Keisie Organic Farm
Kogman and Keisie Organic Farm, nestled on the foot of the Langeberg Mountain, with the Keisie River bubbling past, is home to a wide range of natural body products. The body products were originally developed for our Guest House, but the demand for the products became so big that we had to increase our production fivefold over the last three years!

The products are hand mixed by Liana in her farm kitchen, lovingly formulated with a range of oils that reflect the farm: olive, lavender and fynbos feature prominently! She uses no chemicals that are detrimental to human and environmental health, specifically no parabens, sulphates, mineral oils and obviously no animal testing. The products are packaged in glass containers, but we also have plastic available for travellers.

At present, the range include a wonderfully scented Fynbos Liquid Soap and Body Lotion, Sea Salt and farm flower Bath Scrub and Soak and a selection of Healing Balms. These balms are made from beeswax and propolis from the Langeberg valley and a blend of fynbos and essential oils to specifically target either skin complaints (Original Healing Balm), headaches and sleeplessness (Happy Balm) and an all-round luxurious balm for hands and lips (Nurture Balm).

Liana is currently working on a range of body oils specifically blended for Women, including pregnant mothers and a range of other seasons in a woman's life.

To see more information and make contact with Kogman and Keisie Organic Farm, please see their busines listing here:

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