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Fleur de Lis Boutique

Monday, 21 August 2017
Fleur de Lis Boutique
I grew up in Pretoria. As a little girl we often used to go to fashion shows with my Mom. It was such an experience - the world of tall models, beautiful dresses, hats and gloves. It fascinated me and made a lifelong impression on me. Then in 2008 Clive and I, we lived in Paris and I had time to meander through all the small self-owned exquisite ladies boutiques.

The individuality and creativity amazed me. Everyone was different and unique - so unlike the malls and mass productions we have. I was fortunate enough to be able to buy some of the lovely dresses that they used on their fashion shows. I shipped it to South Africa and with these garments I started my own boutique, Fleur de Lis. It is therefore no surprise that the name is French.

Since then I have sourced many small local manufactures and today I am the proud owner of Fleur de Lis in Bath street. I started 8 years ago at the Montagu village market and was at it for 3 years. It grew into the Diva Dressing room with Mareletta at Church Corner. It then became too big for the premises and I moved to Niel se Huiswinkel. He cleared his store room and I moved in.

Then after 3 years this also became too small and I renovated the offices at 58 Bath street into a shop and have been there ever since. Why do I do what I do ? I am still fascinated by the fashion world and all the creativity, colours and styles. I love it to make my clients feel special and treat them as individuals. I like to enhance their good assets and cleverly hide what they do not like about themselves.

Assisting them in buying the correct items and colours in order to build up a wardrobe that suits their figures and lifestyles gives me great pleasure. We also offer personal attention as well as assistance in the planning of your wardrobe. This all boils down to my love for fashion and a desire to make woman look their best.

My passion is to bring out the fashion girl within you. And then of course the ever so popular make overs. We are a whole team that work together. It includes a hairstylist, beauty therapist, nails technician, massage therapist and off course analysing and assisting the client with clothing styles and colours as well as some complimentary clothing of her own choice. These packages are also very popular amongst friends to spoil one another or as a birthday gift.

Once again bringing out the very best in a woman and pampering her - this is what I like doing best! Gifts: We also have gifts to take home or as presents for loved ones. These could be scarves, snoods, jewellery or one of the many styled ponchos - bamboo for winter or lightweight ponchos for summer - we also have gift vouchers.

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