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The Hadassah Family Wholeness Centre - Organisations in Montagu
The Hadassah Family Wholeness Centre - Organisations in Montagu The Hadassah Family Wholeness Centre - Organisations in Montagu
The Hadassah Family Wholeness Centre - Organisations in Montagu The Hadassah Family Wholeness Centre - Organisations in Montagu
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The Hadassah Family Wholeness Centre

This organisation delivers welfare services to the underprivileged in the BAR Valley and Montagu and has transformed the old Alwyn Theatre (previously 'Smitties Kafee') in a second hand community shop, needlework training centre as well as a computer skills training facility.

According to Mrs Alida Cilliers, Marketer/Fundraiser, the establishing of social enterprises is the way forward for welfare organizations to survive financial constraints and to become self-sustainable in the case of funding shortage. Due to the economic climate and for any NPO to secure funding beyond the time frame of donor funding it is necessary to embark on sustainable ways to secure funding and to be able to hold on to and fulfill its vision. Hadassah FWC delivers welfare services in the BAR Valley and Montagu. Their food provision support project assists 26 welfare organisations and feeding schemes.

Hadassah FWC is about the art of getting individuals, groups and communities becoming part of a network of contributors , indirectly involve in the upliftment of our communities and the development of families wholeness

The store is doing well due to the support from the Montagu community and tourists. selling clothes, kitchenware, linen, books, products made by community entrepreneurs, paintings, interior and exterior products as well as second-hand furniture at low prices. Hadassah Family Wholeness Centre relies heavily on donations from the community to make ends meet and asks the community to please keep on making donations in kind to the community store.

The Hadassah Community Shop & Training Centre also provide needlework and sewing skills to unemployed women. These women started with training in April 2014. As part of their training they manufacture tablecloths, toys, clothes etc. They also do alterations.

The needlework centre is managed by Mr. Johannes Taedi whom is also responsible for the sewing skills training. Mr Taedi feels that the success of this project is due to the support they receive from the community. The regular donations of fabric, remnants and sewing equipment are most welcome and highly appreciated. These programs are conducted in conjunction with government departments.

The food provision program, established to combat hunger and poverty, is supported by food manufacturers and food distributors on a local, provincial and national level. Mrs Fransien Fluks, Provision store manager says Hadassah FWC currently supply food products to roughly 3,500 individuals including 2000 kids living in the BAR Valley and Montagu. Mrs Fluks is responsible for the recordkeeping and reporting on all donations received. She ensures that food products are safely kept and that usage is carefully managed, monitored and controlled. She is also responsible to supply monthly reports to the donors on how their donations have been utilized.
The professional community life skills development programs are developed by the well-known Mrs Magdal Jaftha, Manager of Hadassah Family Wholeness Centre, qualified social worker and community developer.

Hadassah FWC is the fulfillment of a vision that the centre strives to grow - to build healthy and whole families through family support programs which include emergency accommodation for women, spiritual and social enrichment programs to enhance family values and family life and life skills and entrepreneurship development. These services are also rendered in conjunction with government departments.

Hadassah FWC presents several women's programs per annum focusing on problem identification and solving and the development of inter-relational skills. These women also receive the skills on how to pursue their ultimate life purpose and how to live a fulfilling life with family, community and themselves. Teenage pregnancies, marital problems & family related problems, alcohol and substance abuse are major social problems which are being dealt with during these programs. As these women understand their life purpose and self-worth, they become leaders within their communities.

Interesting parties can contact Mrs. Alida Cilliers 082 896 3435

Mrs Magdal Jaftha 074 585 2645
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