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Paws 'n Claws - Organisations in Montagu
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Paws 'n Claws

This organisation is established to gather funds for the betterment of animals. The funds will be spent on specific projects jointly identified with the Committee and Staff of the Winelands S.P.C.A.
Paws ‘n Claws is committed to making Winelands S.P.C.A. a place of refuge, safety and comfort for all animals, as well as ensuring that the staff have the necessary resources to complete their tasks efficiently.
• The organisation is not part of the S.P.C.A. it acts independently and therefore it is not bound to S.P.C.A. codes of practise.
• Funds raised will used to appoint contractors and or purchase goods and services which will be delivered to the Winelands S.P.C.A.
• Paws ‘n Claws has just been born, it is not a registered N.P.O., however this matter is currently under investigation and if deemed necessary, registration will take place.
• It is most likely that Paws ‘n Claws will become a legal entity, but until that is established it will be run as if it is already so.
• Committee structures are under review and will be put into place early in the New Year, the Montagu residents currently driving the process are listed hereunder.
• A constitution is under review and once approved will be distributed by the committee.
• Formal financials will be produced.
• Paws ‘n Claws will be empowered to raise funds, buy and sell goods and services and conduct any business pertinent to its objective.
• Paws ‘n Claws will communicate regularly with its investors and the public.
• All persons involved with Paws ‘n Claws are required to be members of the S.P.C.A and in good standing.
The funds collected thus far are being well cared for. Thank you generous citizens!

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Keith :
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