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Nieuwe Horizon

"All children have a place to stay and eat"
Nieuwe Horizon

"The Rainbow Project"

"Keep Montagu Beggar Free!
Money = Drugs .... Donation = A Future"

We ask the people and visitors to Montagu, to please not give food or money to our children who beg on the streets. If you would like to help them, rather deposit or transfer a donation to the ABSA bank account of the foundation "Nieuwe Horizon". If you prefer, there are also several places in Montagu where you can donate money, such as the Tourism Office, all Hotels and B&B's, Joubert House, Museum and several local shops.

In 2012 Sanja van deSande,Rina Brighton and Patruzchka Muller, started the Rainbow Project. These three ladies made an effort to provide food for these children. They found several homes where they are taken care of, there are now sport facilities and special training is given to their parents, by DSD Robertson: "How to raise your child in a proper way".

The Dutch Foundation "Nieuwe Horizon" is founded in 1999 for the less fortunate children of Ashbury in order to give them an opportunity to go to school and to be taken care of after school, for providing food and clothing. Among them are disabled, FAS children and children from drug- and alcohol using parents. There are 36 Dutch individual sponsors.

Since 2005 some other sponsors of the "Nieuwe Horizon" are giving a couple of students an opportunity to go to university. From 2007 onwards there are several projects going on throughout the year, such as cricket & soccer training as well as our own brass band in action.Since 2011 Sanja van de Sande volunteers as our Remedial teacher and she also gives music- and flute lessons.

In winter time Selestien (Mama Clover Africa) and Jannie Moses distribute twice a week soup in their community and the local Spar provides bread. During the vacations children can play table tennis or other games in the "Nieuwe Horizon's" community centre and every week there is a social tea morning for elderly people of the Ashbury community.

Bank Details for Donations:
"Nieuwe Horizon"
Swift adress: ABSA ZA JJ
Account No.:9068650694
Reference: Rainbow Children Project

(It may be necessary to clarify the situation regarding the sponsor
money/bank account. Rainbow Children Project utilises the New Horizon's NGO account number,
because there are also overseas sponsors that make donations. New Horizon Foundation and
family Moses are not directly involved in the Rainbow Children Project)

Contact details and information for Montagu:
Leo and Sanja van de Sande: 023 614 3525
Rina Brighton: 084 500 2486
Patruzchka Muller: 072 261 6974
Police: 023 614 8300/10111

Dutch contact details:
Mevr. R. Lentink (secretaris)
Dahliastraat 20
3742 RL Baarn
Tel: 003135-5445665

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