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Cogmanskloof Upgrade
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Cogmanskloof Upgrade

Tuesday, 23 May 2017
Here you can monitor progress on the road construction project through Ashton, Cogmanskloof, and Montagu.

The progress reports are given in the form of "Bulletins" and are added as important information is released, under Quicklinks below. Information that has become outdated or irrelevant has been moved to the Archives.

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Bulletin (14 Aug 2017) ~ Stormwater system installation in Church Street, Montagu
Bulletin (16 Jun 2017) ~ Construction Programme Update
Bulletin (04 Apr 2017) ~ Two-way Traffic Past Montagu Spar

Archived Information
Communication with the Project Team

Water supply will be down in Montagu (Long, Kohler, Du Toit, Bath, Market Streets) today, 13/09/2017 from 14h00 till 16h00 due to construction work (Basil Read). Please switch off geysers and make alternative arrangements

Stormwater system installation in Church Street, Montagu

Added: (14 August 2017)

The construction team is ready to install the stormwater pipeline in Church Street, between Long Street and the Kingna River. The installation will be broken into short sections and will start at the downstream side close to the river and move towards Long Street. The construction work will start on Wednesday, 16 August 2017.

During the installation, the traffic in Church Street will be regulated by flagmen so that the construction team has adequate working space. At night, the road will be open to two-way traffic.

Bulletin:Construction Programme Update

Added: (16 June 2017)


The road and bridge construction project is divided into several phases. During the course of construction, the phases were adapted to simplify some work sequences.
The latest construction phases are indicated in Diagram 1.

Montagu still consists of three main phases (M1 to M3), while Ashton consists of five phases (A1 to A5). Cogmanskloof now consists of six phases (C3 to C8) because Phases C1 and C2 have been absorbed into Phases S3 and C4. The turn-off to Swellendam consists of five phases (S1 to S5).

Diagram 1: Revised project construction phases


For information about the original construction phases, please visit the archives.

The remaining work in Montagu is divided into the following phases:
- Phase M2: The northern half (LHS) of Long Street;
- Phase M3: The southern half (RHS) of Long Street.

Both phases M2 and M3 are divided into shorter work sections (A, B, and C) as shown in Diagram 2. Please note that the naming of the phases has changed.

Diagram 2: Revised construction phases in Montagu

Due to various reasons, the construction in Montagu has taken much longer than initially anticipated - see the archived bulletin published on 25 May 2016 for the details of the causes of delays. More recently, further delays were caused by technical difficulties encountered whilst replacing the electrical reticulation network, replacing the old water main in Long Street, and undertaking additional work to prevent the leiwater channels from leaking water into the road and adjacent properties.

The latest planned construction programme in Montagu is as follows:

Phase M2A (LHS)
The portion of the roadway between Cross Street and Van der Merwe Bridge is complete to the extent that it can carry traffic. Only the sidewalks and final asphalt surfacing is outstanding and will be completed at a later stage.
In the remaining portion, between Du Toit and Cross Streets, the majority of the underground services have been installed and this road portion is now temporarily re-opened to traffic. The reconstruction of the road layers is due to be completed before the end of 2017.

Phase M3A (RHS)
With one-way traffic on the LHS, the services are now being installed in this phase. The construction of the road layers should be complete by August 2017 at which time traffic on this phase can be introduced.

Phase M2B (LHS)
Services that are to be placed along the sidewalks of this phase are already being installed. The main construction work will, however, follow the completion of M3C, therefore it is expected to start in September 2017.

Phase M3B (RHS)
This phase will follow the completion of M2B, therefore construction is expected during the first half of 2018.

Phase M2C (LHS)
The roadway is already complete in this section. The sidewalks and last services will be completed in the second half of 2017.

Phase M3C (RHS)
This phase is currently under construction and should be complete by August 2017.

On completion of all phases in Montagu, a 40mm asphalt layer will be placed as the final surface of the road.

Please note that the durations stated may change as a result of adverse weather conditions or unforeseen physical conditions encountered during construction.


In Cogmanskloof, work is currently taking place in two sections. The planned sequence of work is as follows:

- Phase C3 is complete, except for the construction of stormwater outlets and final trimming.
- Phase C4 is currently under construction and is expected to be completed late in 2017;
- Phases C5 and C6 will be under construction during 2018.
- Phase C7 is currently under construction and is expected to be completed during September 2017;
- Phase C7 will be followed by Phase C8. The aim is to have Phase C8 complete by the end of 2017 so that two-way traffic can be reinstated over the December 2017 holiday season.
- As part of the turn-off towards Swellendam, Phases S1 and S2 are almost complete. The rest of the Swellendam phases will be completed by April 2018.


The road construction in Ashton consists of five main phases. However, in order to allow access to the northern areas at all times, Phases A1 and A2 were divided into shorter work sections as follows:

- Phase A1a: from the start of the project at Ashton Cellars to Middle Street;
- Phase A1b: from Middle Street to Voortrekker Street.

As part of Phases A1 and A2, the roadworks have been completed in sections A1a and A2a (see Photo 1 below), while work is continuing in section A1b.

On the eastern side of Ashton, the section between the Total garage and the turn-off to Swellendam is currently under construction as part of Phase S2. This phase should be completed by August 2017.

The remaining phases in Ashton will be completed during 2018 in order to tie-in with the completion of the new Ashton Bridge.

Please note that the durations stated may change as a result of adverse weather conditions or unforeseen physical conditions encountered during the construction.

Photo 1: Completed roadway in Ashton in Phases A1 and A2


The sub-structures of Boy Retief Bridge are almost complete. Only the dummy wall on the northern side (Montagu's side) must still be completed.

The construction team has started with the support work for the soffit of the deck (see Photo 2 below). The deck is scheduled to be completed early in 2018.

Photo 2: Construction of southern deck support at Boy Retief Bridge


The western abutment of Voortrekker Bridge has been completed, as well as the first two piers.

The construction team is in the process of preparing the soffit in order to place the steel reinforcing and the void formers for the bridge deck (see Photo 3 below). The deck is scheduled to be completed late in 2017.

Photo 3: Preparations of temporary works for western deck soffit of Voortrekker Bridge


The temporary sub-structure for the new Ashton Bridge has been completed. The construction team is now placing 112 (red) super beams that will form part of the temporary bridge support (shown in Photo 4 below).

There are also a variety of existing services in the vicinity of the Ashton Bridge that are being exposed at the moment in order to plan the relocation of the services.

The launch date of the new Ashton Bridge (moving from its temporary position into its permanent position) is not confirmed yet, but estimated to be in the fourth quarter of 2018.

Photo 4: Super beams placed at the Ashton Bridge


The construction team often works during weekends and public holidays in return for taking a short break every second month. The skilled employees who have relocated from outside the Western Cape use these breaks to visit their families.

This long weekend of 16 June 2017, the construction team will be working to make up for the lost production time due to the rainy weather of the past few weeks. The team will then be taking a break from 22 to 28 June 2017. This break has been scheduled in advance and will not affect the programme as detailed in this bulletin.

Bulletin: Two-way Traffic Past Montagu Spar

Added: (4 Apr 2017)

While the stormwater installation is underway in Du Toit Street (31 March to 19 April 2017), a temporary arrangement will be in place to allow two-way traffic past Montagu Spar. This arrangement will allow vehicles to return from the overflow parking area to Long Street without having to follow a detour.

The parking bays next to Spar will be temporarily removed to create space for two-way traffic past the building. The following diagram shows the traffic flow past Spar.

Two-way traffic flow past Montagu Spar (31 March to 19 April 2017)

Archived Information

As the construction project advances, information is updated and replaced.
The original articles and bulletins (that is now redundant or outdated) are available here:

Here is a list of bulletins and articles that have been archived:
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2017-03-28 Bulletin: Traffic Violations
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2017-03-13 Bulletin: Station Way Detour in Ashton
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3. Communication with the Project Team

The Montagu Liaison Committee (MLC) has been established to channel communication between the project team and the public. The project team will endeavour to send regular updates to the MLC who will then distribute the information. Important news updates will be published in the local media. This web page will be updated regularly and may be the most efficient way of obtaining updates about the project. If any person has questions about how the construction work will affect them, they may direct their queries to the MLC. The contact person at the MLC is Ronel Preston -
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