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Cogmanskloof Upgrade
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Cogmanskloof Upgrade

Tuesday, 23 May 2017
Here you can monitor progress on the road construction project through Ashton, Cogmanskloof, and Montagu.

The progress reports are given in the form of "Bulletins" and are added as important information is released, under Quicklinks below. Information that has become outdated or irrelevant has been moved to the Archives.

A permanent link to this page can be found at the bottom-right of the Homepage.

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Bulletin (9 Nov 2017) ~ Montagu Construction Update

Archived Information
Communication with the Project Team

Langeberg Municipal Traffic Notice: ROAD CLOSURES are planned for Sat, 25 Nov 2017 (Cycle event)
Closures times:
* R62 COGMANSKLOOF PASS: (8h00-12h00),
* VAN RIEBEECK STREET, Montagu (8h00-11h30),
* ZANDVLIET ROAD, Ashton (8h30-12h30),
* BONNIEVALE R317 (09h30-14h30).

Drive Safely!

Montagu Construction Update

Added: (9 Nov 2017)

Next Construction Phase In Montagu

The construction team has been working hard to complete Phase M2B as quickly as possible. Since the work progressed very well, the construction team is now ready to start construction of Phase M3B.

Even though the construction team will aim to complete Phase M3B as soon as possible, it may be under construction until 16 December 2017. The road will then be open to two-way traffic during the holiday period. Early in 2018, the work, such as the construction of the sidewalks, will continue.

Diagram 1: Latest road construction phase - Phase M3B, Long Street, Montagu

For more details about the other construction phases and the remaining work, such as the sidewalk construction, please visit the archives.

Traffic Flow In Montagu During Construction Phase M3B

During this construction phase, it will not be possible to cross between the southern and northern part of town via Church Street. Instead, traffic will be diverted to the ring-road system on Van Riebeeck Street. Light traffic may use Du Toit/Eyssen Street to cross the Kingna River via the narrow low water bridge.

The traffic flow in Montagu during the current construction phase is shown in Diagram 2.

Diagram 2: Traffic flow during construction phase M3B in Montagu

Archived Information

As the construction project advances, information is updated and replaced.
The original articles and bulletins (that is now redundant or outdated) are available here:

Here is a list of bulletins and articles that have been archived:
2015-07-25 Article 1 about project on webpage
2015-08-25 Article 2 about project on webpage
2015-09-24 Montagu Liaison Committee Role
2015-10-xxx Email: Initial project information session
2015-10-28 Article 3 about project on webpage
2015-10-28 Bulletin: Construction Update
2015-11-04 Bulletin: Blasting in Cogmanskloof
2015-11-19 Bulletin: Construction Progress Update
2015-12-03 Bulletin: Construction Update, Sidewalk Widths, Holiday Arrangements
2015-12-04 Newsflash: Low Water Bridge on Du Toit Street Closed
2016-01-14 Newsflash: Speeding along Van Riebeeck Street
2016-01-18 Newsflash: Blasting in Cogmanskloof tomorrow, 19 January 2015
2016-01-20 Blasting Schedule (January 2016 to March 2016)
2016-02-17 Bulletin: Construction Update & Montagu Phases
2016-03-10 Blasting Schedule (March 2016 to May 2016)
2016-04-22 Newsflash: Crane at Ashton Bridge
2016-05-26 Bulletin: Revised Construction Phases and Programme in Montagu
2016-05-26 Blasting Schedule (June 2016 to August 2016)
2016-05-27 Blasting Schedule Corrections (June 2016 to August 2016)
2016-06-21 Blasting Schedule (June 2016 to August 2016)
2016-08-27 Bulletin: Blasting at Van Riebeeck Street
2016-08-29 Blasting Schedule (August 2016 to October 2016)
2016-09-06 Newsflash: Cogmanskloof Pass Closed due to Water Pipe Burst
2016-09-07 Newsflash: Cogmanskloof Pass Closed due to Water Pipe Burst – Update
2016-09-09 Bulletin: Du Toit Street Stormwater Installation Phase 1
2016-09-16 Newsflash: Extended Working Hours and Barry Street Intersection Closure
2016-09-19 Email: Temporary Construction Storage Area in Long Street
2016-09-23 Newsflash: Ring-Road Interrupted due to Water Pipe Burst
2016-09-28 Blasting Schedule
2016-10-11 Newsflash: Blasting at Van Riebeeck Street and Services Installation in Long Street
2016-10-19 Bulletin: Services Installation between Du Toit and Cross Street
2016-10-25 Newsflash: Site Closure for Long Weekend
2016-10-25 Blasting Schedule
2016-11-09 Newsflash: Temporary Closure of the Cross/Long Street Intersection
2016-11-21 Newsflash: Intermittent Road Closures at Van der Merwe Bridge, Montagu
2016-12-07 Bulletin: Construction Update and Holiday Arrangements
2017-01-17 Bulletin: Services Installation Update and Ring-Road Implementation
2017-02-09 Bulletin: Closure of Du Toit Street at Low Water Bridge
2017-02-09 Bulletin: Electrical Services Installation in Long Street
2017-02-16 Newsflash: Electrical Services Installation Update
2017-02-20 Newsflash: Electrical Services Installation Update
2017-02-20 Newsflash: Cogmanskloof Closure During Blasting Timeslot
2017-02-21 Bulletin: Closure of R60 & Zandfliet Road Intersection
2017-03-01 Bulletin: Services Installation in Long Street (from Kohler St to Market St)
2017-03-28 Bulletin: Traffic Violations
2017-03-10 Bulletin: Services Installation in Long Street and Closure of Market Street
2017-03-13 Bulletin: Station Way Detour in Ashton
2017-03-31 Bulletin: Stormwater Installation in Du Toit Street – Phase 2: 31 March – 19 April 2017
2017-04-04 Bulletin: Two-Way Traffic Past Montagu Spar
2017-04-06 Bulletin: Easter Holiday Site Closure
2017-04-21 Bulletin: Continuation of Services Installation Between Church and Cross Streets
2017-05-18 Bulletin: Stormwater Installation in Du Toit Street: Phase 3 and 4
2017-05-02 Newsflash: Water supply disruption on Wednesday, 3 May 2017
2017-05-24 Newsflash: Du Toit Street Construction Zones
2017-05-31 Bulletin: Blasting at Voortrekker Bridge on Thursday, 8 June 2017
2017-06-16 Bulletin: Construction Programme Update
2017-06-19 Bulletin: Detour via Zandvliet Rd in Ashton, 19-23 June 2017
2017-07-26 Bulletin: Closure of Long Street between Barry and Church Streets, 27 July 2017
2017-08-14 Bulletin: Stormwater system installation in Church Street, Montagu
2017-10-05 Bulletin: Montagu Construction Update

3. Communication with the Project Team

The Montagu Liaison Committee (MLC) has been established to channel communication between the project team and the public. The project team will endeavour to send regular updates to the MLC who will then distribute the information. Important news updates will be published in the local media. This web page will be updated regularly and may be the most efficient way of obtaining updates about the project. If any person has questions about how the construction work will affect them, they may direct their queries to the MLC. The contact person at the MLC is Ronel Preston -
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