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Monday, 29 March 2021

This is OUR town and we like it clean!

Montagu News - This is OUR town and we like it clean!
Visitors often comment on how impressed they are with the cleanliness of the town of Montagu. This is thanks to a combined effort of the Langeberg Municipality, caring locals and business owners. The municipality has once again earned a clean audit, so well done to them! If there is one thing the locals cannot complain about, then it is the municipality's efforts to keep the streets and public areas clean. But this is unfortunately not enough and the town needs everyone to play their part!

There is currently an inspiring trend taking place in Montagu and many would like to see this momentum continue. There have been examples of businesses keeping the areas around their premises clean. Capedry Fruit Packers is one such business, taking the initiative to improve the front of their place of business.

Once they completed the improvement, they reached out to other businesses, essentially challenging them to do the same. Montagu Agrimark quickly accepted the challenge and did their part.

A recent Facebook post highlighted the disgusting condition of the Burgers Pass lookout point, which looked like it was being used as a dumping ground. It did not take long for Montagu to jump into action. With Montagu Ashton Tourism Association leading the initiative, a joint collaboration was soon underway to organise a mass cleanup. After some planning, roughly 30 volunteers came together and soon returned the beautiful lookout point to its former glory. This passion and love for ones town is not often witnessed, but is not rare in Montagu!

This successful event was made possible thanks to:
- MATA for Initiating the Project and doing the ground work with local authorities
- MATA members, committee members and staff that gave their support unconditionally
- Tony Lourens -Montagu Outdoor Adventures – for spearheading and involving the professional climbers
- David Webster – Route 62 Mountain Adventures for assisting Tony with this very important task
- Fida from Mimosa and representing MATA for organising and preparing the Boerie rolls and refreshments
- Van Loveren for the Alcoholic refreshment
- Sanel of 22 Church for the Fruit and Cooldrinks
- Montagu Spar for sponsoring the rolls and Boerewors and water
- Burger from Capedry for doing some serious ground work on behalf of MATA – communicating with local farmers and Farm Watches to also establish a long term “maintenance plan” after the clean up
- Burger and Capedry for donating some strong Plastic bags
- Kaap Agri for donating Gloves and more bags and the much needed Forklift bags used to drag rubbish from the bottom up
- Friends of the Montagu Treasures under the guidance of Willie Long for coming out en masse – being such amazing volunteers
- Cape Winelands District Municipality supporting with Roads Department – transporting the rubble
- Hilton Preston of MATA for capturing the Photos and Drone footage’

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