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Thursday, 19 April 2018

Teamwork gets the job done!

Montagu News - Teamwork gets the job done!
For some time the appearance of our Euvrard Park in Bath Street has not been at its best.

The Rotary Club of Breederiver Winelands in Montagu decided to take this on as a project and to restore the park to a better state.

The work was able to be kickstarted in December as a result of funds received from Mr. Albani from Germany, Hein Liebenberg & Jacques Erasmus, the Rotary Bridge Day held by Ronel Preston and donations received from the Mimetime Show, which enabled the club to buy the necessary materials that were needed..

Under the convenorship of Rotarians Larry Hester and Cas Groot, several other club members as well as many residents in our community who volunteered their help: Willie Long, Chris van Zyl, Andrew Hare, Rod Allen, Richard Knipe and Anthony Townsend an amazing number of improvements were effected:

: the boundary wall has been cleaned, its cracks filled and repainted,
: the chains on the walls have been repaired and painted,
: the fountain wall was repainted and the inside of it turned into an attractive plant feature
: the park benches were repaired and varnished
: the ground levelled in places and peach pips - sponsored by DeWhite Industries - have been spread under the trees
: Agrimark sponsored fertilizer for the lawns
: a wheelchair access gate has been built by Attie Jass on the eastern side of the park.
: the entrance gates were completely revamped and revarnished by Road Allen

Encouraged by what we have done, this project has received strong support from the Municipality in the persons of Michelle Hucklesby and Stone. The Council Parks Department, as well as all their workforce, helped to trim the trees, planted new trees and plants, built another concrete ramp for wheelchairs over the leiwater canal and also removed tree stumps, installed new bins and cleaned the park

The Municipality has further expressed its full support for Rotary to continue with further improvements in the park. In conjunction with the Municipality, additional improvements in the pipeline include the recreation of garden beds, identifying stone or chip areas from the grass, encouraging better grass growth and planting along the back boundary,
We want the grass to recover now and any help with water pumps or lawn feeding would be much appreciated. Additional indigenous and succulent plants would be welcomed too!

As do all of us in the community, we look forward to having a beautiful park in the centre of our town for the benefit of all.

Anyone who can provide plants (water-wise especially!), compost, labour, funds or any other items we could use, should please contact Cas Groot at or Larry Hester at

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