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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Montagu Town Challenge

Montagu News - Montagu Town Challenge
The Montagu October Challenge is all about living up to the challenge. By entering you commit to doing and exercise activity every day for the month of October of at least 30 minutes long and find someone to sponsor you for your activity!

You can either enter as an individual (you must do an activity every day) or you can enter as a team (one of you needs to do an activity every day).

The activities will be logged onto our website and tracked for the month. Apart from you committing to doing an activity every day we have also arranged a outing every Saturday. This will also be suitable for families and involving kids.

All proceeds will be donated to Centre of Hope Montagu. The Centre of Hope renders extended welfare services to the poorest of the poor in the Breede River Valley.

The Montagu October Challenge will be kicked off by a Sunset Hike on Sunday the 30th of September. On the 31st of October a fund raising dinner will be held at Mimosa Lodge and there will be great prizes to win.

Activities can include anything from hiking, running, cycling, yoga, Pilates, golf, rock climbing, in other words anything that poses an exercise challenge for you on a daily basis that is longer than 30 min. No Entry Fees.

How to enter?

Go to and Sign Up Go to the Montagu-Ashton Tourism Office in Bath Street Montagu and get an entry form Or contact Louise on 083 652 4188 for more details

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