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Thursday, 21 December 2017

Montagu Festive Season

Montagu News - Montagu Festive Season
As 2017 draws to a close, the town of Montagu is starting to slow down. Most visitors to the town have settled in for longer stays as a friendly, caring and giving spirit prevails. Looking back on 2017, a few things come to mind.

The roadworks have been on-going for so long now, most see it as part of their daily lives, but when Long Street opened to two-way traffic, it was a reminder that progress is being made. With gorgeous new street lighting and pavements for our visitors to enjoy their walks on, our town has already been transformed.

The water crisis still looms and with an average of 30,000 visitors to Montagu per month, we remind ALL to use water very sparingly. “Day Zero” has been set as April 2018, meaning there may be a water crisis the likes of which we have never seen or experienced if we don’t take this seriously enough. “We can only save water for as long as we have it!”

Despite all of this, Montagu continues to grow as a chosen destination with its well-maintained historical properties, accommodation establishments with high standards and a growing number of Festivals and Events throughout the year. The Montagu community is growing from strength to strength and is becoming more cosmopolitan in its personality by the day. This brings with it an interesting mix of people, all contributing and pooling their knowledge, experience and many talents, resulting in a vibrant community that must rank as one of our biggest strengths

The end of 2017 is here and thanks to a very successful Christmas Market, spirits will remain high until we welcome 2018. Whether you are local or a visitor to our treasured town, here are a few things you might want to know during the silly season:

For those keen on finding a restaurant for Christmas Lunch, be aware that many restaurants could be already full, or closed on the day. Here is a convenient Holiday Roster compiled by our local Tourism Office, highlighting the opening and closing times and days of all the restaurants in the area.

The Tourism office hours are as follows;
Open every day except 25 December and 1 January.
On the 26th of December we’ll be open from 11:00-14:00

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas and a Fantastic New Year!

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