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Tuesday, 07 August 2012

Heavy rains, road closures

Montagu News - Heavy rains, road closures
Heavy rains have once again caused flooding in certain parts of Montagu, limiting access in and out of town.

In the space of just one day - from 6th - 7th August - rainfall of no less than 111mm was measured by Allen Castley who lives in the centre of Montagu. In 2010 he says, the total rainfall for the whole month of August measured only 13.5 and in 2011 the total was 27.6

More rain is forecast for Montagu on Saturday, 11 August 2012. You can monitor Montagu's weather yourself by visiting

Please refer to the Langeberg Municipality Facebook page for updates on road closures.

Some of the Montaguers who were brave enough to venture out despite the relentless downpours and icy cold temperatures, were seen "scurrelling" about with cameras or cellphones in hand taking photographs wherever they went. Most first rushed to the bridge to Montagu West to see if the newest addition was still intact!

To see photos taken by some of our locals of the rainfall and flooding, see our "Rivers in flood once more" photo gallery.

It has also been snowing quite heavily in most parts of the Koo, just outside Montagu, see the photo gallery here

Drive safely and stay warm!

(Photo below by Justin Lawson -

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