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Sunday, 04 September 2022

Watershed Duo at the courtyard

Montagu Events - Watershed Duo at the courtyard
Watershed, just back from their tour of Germany!
‘It is great to be back,’ say Watershed as they release their seventh studio album ‘Elephant in the Room’ which sees the iconic band take on a more authentic, live sound.
Watershed was hoping for a 2020 release to the follow up to their 2018 album Harbour, celebrating 20 years of being one of South Africa’s most beloved bands, but like the rest of the world, they were caught unexpectedly by a global pandemic. But, one positive that came out of it, was that the lockdown did give Craig and the guys the space (and the material) to work on compelling lyrics and melodies, and as soon as domestic travel was given the all-clear, Craig was off to Gauteng to workshop and record the album.
The result? A thought-provoking album with songs that reflect the current times we live in, the daily frustrations and simple pleasure we’ve found in our “new normal”. “We talk a lot about the elephant in the room and the fact the people aren't addressing certain major issues that are currently amongst us,” he says. “There are too many opinions, but no one is coming up with substantial solutions.”
The title track though is a reminder that at the end of it all everything will be alright. “It’s time to step out of the chaos,” explains Craig. “Stepping out of the room the elephant is in, wishing for some peace, wishing for a chilled Sunday. Enough is enough we need to sort this out and get on with this thing called life...”
It is impossible to be in the industry for as long as they have, and not change, but as Craig points out that regardless, the Watershed sound is always there, “You’ll be able to spot a Watershed song from a mile away – but over the years we’ve learnt a whole lot more and our approach has evolved.” As a band that shot to fame relatively quickly, with hit singles on the radio from their debut album just two months after its release, their journey has never been about breaking into the market but rather staying power. “We’ve seen plenty of bands that have taken a long time to get to where we were before they peak and then fade out,” explains Craig. “For us, it’s never been about anything other than making ourselves better.”
Elephant in the Room is a testament to how they’ve progressed as a band with the move from a more studio-driven album in their first decade to their authentic rock sound of now.
“As a band, our sound has gone from strength to strength and through that, we’ve created an authentic album,” acknowledges Craig. “Our approach to the album was more about a band performing the tracks live in-studio and then taking those bits into the recording studio and adding the final touches.” An equal standout along with the songs is the artwork of the album, which you’ll be able to purchase at shows and through the Watershed website. Bold and bright, the cover art, as well as single art, was created by Craig’s brother Neill Wright. On the inspiration behind the art, Craig explains, “We are puppets being controlled and guided through life in such a way that we don’t even realise it. Something feels wrong but we don’t know how to change it. The elephant is in the room but no-one is talking about it...”
Elephant in the Room album is out today 7 May 2021 across all digital platforms including Spotify, Deezer, and Apple Music, as well as the Watershed website
No under 18's. No Pets
Your seats will be reserved for you, we set tables to make sure all guests have the best view and sound possible.
Please be reminded that this is a theatre-style show.
Please be considerate of those around you by holding personal converstations for the break or after the show

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