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Sunday, 06 March 2022

The Tin Drum @Wahnfried

Montagu Events - The Tin Drum @Wahnfried
On Sunday 6th at 4pm we have DIE BLECHTROMMEL (The Tin Drum) 2h20mins. In German with English subtitles. The 1979 film is an adaptation of Nobel prize winner, Günter Grass' novel considered a classic of post-World War II literature.

The film won the Palme d'Or at the 1979 Cannes Film Festival and was a major financial hit in West Germany, where it won the German Film Award for Best Fiction Film. The film also won Best Foreign Language Film at the 1980 Academy Awards.

Refusing stubbornly to enter the world of grown-ups until he is promised a lacquered red-and-white tin drum, precocious toddler Oskar Matzerath makes a conscious and pivotal decision at the tender age of three: to deliberately stop growing. Against the backdrop of the Nazis' rise to power in Danzig and his mother's forbidden clandestine affair, Oskar spends his adolescence and much of his adulthood as a little boy, rejecting the violence, cruelty, and chaos that surround him by beating incessantly his loud tin drum. However, a dark era is fast approaching, and young Oskar seems to be fighting a losing battle. Can an unusual boy alone be the voice of reason in a frightening, absurd world?

‘’ I always like it when a movie shows things from a new and original point of view. This time we get to see WW II through the eyes of the 'normal' German citizens. I however would not classify Die Blechtrommel as a war movie but more is a dramatic character study about an unusual boy with unusual powers in an unusual time. It shows the bad and disgusting side of human beings.
Young Oskar is disgusted with the grown up world around him. Because of this he refuses to grow any bigger. The entire movie we get to see the world through the naive eyes of the main character Oskar. We learn and get to understand why he is disgusted about things and as the movie progresses we also get to see the rise- and eventually fall of the German Third Reich.
Unique is certainly the right word to describe this movie. It's a one-of-a-kind movie that provides us a most unusual and original look upon things.
The movie is filled with some wonderfully constructed and unique sequences. Some are very memorable and are one of the many reasons why the movie is an unforgettable one to watch. It's impossible to describe the many unforgettable and powerful moments present in the movie. It's truly something you have to experience for yourself. The storytelling is spot-on and real subtle at times. It all is beautifully directed by Volker Schlöndorff.
Young Oskar is perfectly portrayed by David Bennent. This is a very heavy role for a young boy like him but he never made a mistake, or overdid anything. The rest of the supporting cast is also very good. The characters are well constructed throughout the story and despite the many characters that are introduced, we never loose track of the story and the movie remain fascinating and powerful to watch throughout its entire (long) running time.
The nice little and underrated musical score of the movie was is composed by the legendary Maurice Jarre.
Wonderfully unique Oscar-winning drama, that in my opinion is an absolute must-see.’’ IMDb reviwer

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