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Friday, 18 June 2021

THE CHOIR - Movie at Wahnfried

Montagu Events - THE CHOIR - Movie at Wahnfried
On Friday 18th at 5pm we have THE CHOIR (1h40mins)

‘’The Choir stars Dustin Hoffman as the tough-loving head conductor of a pre-pubescent singing academy. It's a little – a little – less twinkly, cuddly and ingratiating than this sounds. It's a triumph-over-adversity picture, the adversity being the disadvantaged background of a gifted 11-year-old called Stet, whose alcoholic single mother in Odessa, Texas dies in a first-reel car crash.
Stet's estranged father has his own family, so a proactive Texan headmistress suggests they pack him off to the American Boychoir School in New Jersey, where his sonorous treble voice can be honed. Hoffman, as authoritarian choirmaster Carvelle, is a man of few but sharp words: the star tightens his mouth down to a thin, horizontal line to show he means business. Whether Stet can make the grade, fend off the bullying twits at this choral version of Hogwarts, and win back the love of his pining pop are the fairly basic narrative stakes.
French-Canadian director François Girard has a thing for classical music - his two best-known films are The Red Violin (1998) and Thirty Two Short Films About Glenn Gould (1993). This is a much more commercial endeavour.
Eddie Izzard plays a younger rival to Carvelle who turns his nose up at Stet's untrained raw talent: when he wearily complains of "atrophy in the pianos", it gets a laugh, and he has a wonderful line questioning the school's suitability as "some weird cat rescue mission".
Kathy Bates makes the most of her scenes, too, as an oppressed principal whose colleagues are just like grown-up versions of their infighting students. It's the kind of film that has to give Izzard's snootypants character an exact, blond and bespectacled junior equivalent, so we know who he's going to be backing in the fight to become this season's star soloist.
Never missing a chance to show off his film's lovely, often unexpectedly challenging choral arrangements, Girard lets the purity of the boys' singing linger in the background, a beatific echo even in dialogue scenes. Hoffman's performance has a sadness, an unexplained loneliness, which gives this slightly diffident piece a centre of sorts, and there's a pleasing air of melancholy all round. It befits the especially ephemeral nature of these teacher-student bonds, which can only last as long as a young boy's voice still climbs up to the high notes.’’ The Telegraph

‘’ I absolutely loved this movie. It's beautiful! I thought about it the entire week after I saw it and I cried when I watched it. It is very beautiful and the music is incredible. A piece of me will forever be changed because of this movie. I feel inspired and happy whenever i watch it. I strongly recommend that you watch this movie, you'll love it.
The story is about a young, rebellious boy with an amazing voice. The only thing he responds to is music. When his school headmistress shows him The American Boychoir and lets him audition for them he bails but soon he's there again, now auditioning for their international school. During the movie you get to follow his life from the bottom to the absolute top. A wonderful story about a boy who has the talent to change his own life for good.
Truly, this movie is the best thing I have ever seen and the most beautiful movie I have witnessed.’’ IMDb reviewer

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