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Saturday, 16 October 2021

TEDx Riversdale - Silver Linings

Montagu Events - TEDx Riversdale - Silver Linings
Silver Linings because we really need them!
As the storm clouds thunder all around us – do not let despair take hold. Rather focus your eyes on the silver lining shining just above Sleeping Beauty mountain. Every now and then we need to be reminded of the good that is and will be. Now is the time to be inspired, to share ideas and emphasise the positive elements in our town and the world beyond. Come and join us on the bright side – where a diverse group of speakers will make you think, feel and laugh.

De Doornkraal, Riversdale
Tickets only R100.

Montagu's own - Anneline Mohammedt is one of the speakers:
I’ve always had a passion for plants. My journey with plant life started with Food Security, where I was the produce manager for the Sonneblom Housegarden Project. A project growing seedlings for the gardens of the poorer community of Montagu, teaching them growing techniques and the importance of seed collection. From there I proceeded to establish my own gourmet vegetable business as wealthy people also need vegetables. My journey led me to become the Herb Coordinator for our town’s Heritage Herb Project, which aims at capturing the indigenous plant knowledge of our town’s locals, as it is an area rich in medicinal plant life. One could say that it is here that I finally discovered my purpose: that energy that causes one’s awakening. In the three and a half years that I led the project, the research I did after hours made me realise that although South African plant life is much revered for its medicinal properties on a global scale, little research has gone into how our indigenous plants can heal on a spiritual level. This year I’ve resigned from the project, pursuing a quest to completely envelop myself in what I call Plant Spirit. I’ve combined my self-gained knowledge, the ancestral pull towards plant spirit, and my love for sharing plant spirit into a space where I heal myself and hopefully can take some credit in the awakening of those who seek to re-establish their connection to Mother Earth.
My social media pages hints at who I am. So please feel free to visit/follow me:
Facebook: Anneline Mohammedt
Instagram: @Snapdragonwitch
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