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Friday, 14 January 2022

SABRINA at Wahnfried

Montagu Events - SABRINA at Wahnfried
At Wahnfried, McGregor

On Friday 14th at 5pm we have Billy Wilder’s romantic comedy SABRINA (1h50mins) starring Audrey Hepburn, Humphrey Bogart and William Holden.

The Larrabees are a wealthy family, living in a palatial estate on Long Island. Oldest brother Linus is the formal, dour businessman, running the family company. David is a playboy. Among the staff living on the estate is the family chauffeur, Thomas Fairchild, and his shy, awkward, plain daughter, Sabrina. Sabrina has had a crush on David for most of her life but he has hardly noticed her. Sabrina goes to study in Paris and comes back, two years later, a changed woman. She's sophisticated and beautiful and soon catches David's eye. However, David is engaged to Elizabeth Tyson, the daughter of a business mogul whose company Linus wants to merge with that of the Larrabees. If Sabrina wrecks the David-Elizabeth relationship it would likely spell the end of the business merger. Linus sets out to prevent Sabrina from getting in the way but in the process falls for her himself.

‘’ Hepburn is absolutely radiant in this picture: dark brows over big Bambi eyes, sensual, flirtatious lips, and that long, long neck. She embodies the spirit of the Cinderella heroine, and director Billy Wilder milks her gamine appeal for all the millions it is worth. Holden is blithe and lively, and Humphrey Bogart manages to make his stuffy unease rather charming. Clever, biting, romantic, sweet, this version of Sabrina has it all.’’ IMDb reviewer

‘’ This is one of the two movies ( Roman Holiday being the other), from early in Audrey Hepburn's career, that made her an international superstar. Watching this movie, over sixty-five years after its release, it's easy to see why young women to this day are still trying (and failing) to emulate her style, charisma and grace. Watch it and experience the phenomenon that was Audrey Hepburn — oh, and Humphrey Bogart (playing against type) and William Holden (playing mostly to type) ain't bad either. One of the best romantic comedies EVER made. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.’’ reviewer

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