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Sunday, 11 April 2021

Movie at Wahnfried - Touching the sound

Montagu Events - Movie at Wahnfried - Touching the sound
On Sunday 11th at 4pm we have the musical documentary TOUCHING THE SOUND (1h10mins). Followed by excerpts from Nobuyuki Tsujii Carnegie Hall Recital (46mins)

This documentary reveals the power of music to provide hope to people in difficult circumstances , redemption and hope are its theme. The film depicts the life journey of the blind pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii and his extraordinary ability to communicate and connect with audiences all over the world. Renowned and prize-awarded filmmaker Peter Rosen has followed the career of Nobuyuki Tsujii since the Japanese pianists gold-medal triumph in the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition of June 2009. Rosens cameras have witnessed and recorded audiences responding to this brilliant musician from the stages of Texas to New York’s Carnegie Hall, from Maine to California and on to the concert halls of Tokyo and the tsunami-devasted coastline of Tohoku
What a thrill to hear this brilliant, very gifted, fabulous pianist. You feel God's presence in the room when he played. His soul is so pure. His music is so wonderful, and it goes to infinity to the highest heaven. (Van Cliburn Competition Juror Michel Béroff about Nobuyuki Tsujii).

‘’This does a good job of sharing background information on Nobu that is not well known outside Japan. Nobu, pianist virtuoso blind from birth, is beloved in Japan, where documentaries about him are shown regularly on television. Some of the footage from this film is borrowed from those documentaries, but thankfully shown with excellent English subtitles.
It is a nice touch that the narration of this film is by some of those closest to Nobu: his mother (Itsuko Tsujii), his childhood piano teacher (Masahiro Kawakami), and Nobu's tour manager (Naoyuki/Nick Asano). Their words, Japanese accents notwithstanding, lend authenticity to the presentation.
The documentary consists of nine chapters, titled Early Childhood, First Achievements, Studying Techniques, International Competitions, Traveling around the World, Inspiration, Music and Hope, Tohoku Earthquake 2011, and "Flowers Bloom". I was especially pleased to see the segment about Nobu's "studying technique", which clearly describes Nobu's unusual method of learning complex music works by listening to audio scores specially prepared for him, a technique pioneered by his childhood teacher. I hope this footage will serve to dispel, once and for all, misinformation about how Nobu learns music that he cannot see.
"Nobu does not talk much," says his manager in the film. The young pianist prefers to express himself through music. This documentary speaks for him and, thanks to the subtitles and narrations, it gives those of us outside Japan a comprehensible look into the world of the extraordinary Nobuyuki Tsujii.’’ reviewer

Recital: Beethoven: Piano Sonata No 17 The Tempest; Liszt: Etude Un Sospiro; Verdi: Rigoletto paraphrases; Chopin: Prelude in Db major; Nobuyuki Tsujii: Elergy for victims of the Earthquake and Tsunami of March 2011.

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