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22 Apr 2022 - 24 Apr 2022

Fynbos Skincare Workshop

Montagu Events - Fynbos Skincare Workshop
We are excited to share the passion and knowledge gained in developing the Fijn Botanical products as we believe every person should have access to good quality, affordable healing skincare.
The workshop will start with a walk in the mountains behind Kogman and Keisie and Liana will explain the landscape and plants, highlighting those species with exceptional healing properties. We will also harvest some species on the farm for steam distillation and tincture preparation.
The next day will start early, where the harvested plant material will be processed before the heat of the day. We will commence the morning with steam distillation to produce essential oils and hydrosols. After tea, we will begin the preparation of healing tinctures as the hydrosols cool. During the afternoon, we will continue with our healing tinctures and prepare for the next day’s session of making balms and creams with natural ingredients.
The Kogman and Keisie team will look after your every need during the course of the weekend. You will receive healthy and hearty meals, including refreshments and snacks between sessions. Accommodation includes spacious and comfortable rooms in the Guesthouse or rooms in the self-catering cottage set on our working organic farm. The farm provides unique opportunities for workshop sessions and intimate gatherings over great food. All workshop sessions will happen in our Greenhouse or in other spaces on the farm.
Partners that will not be attending the workshop sessions will have numerous activities to occupy their time, be it hiking the mountains behind the farm, exploring the town or just lounging around the pools with a good book.
Per Person Sharing: R4850 for workshop participant, R2500 for non-participant, including accommodation and meals
Single Participant: R5650 for the entire weekend
Local Participant: R3650 for the entire workshop, including meals and snacks
Please book directly at
Only 14 places available and full payment within 48 hours to secure booking.

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