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Saturday, 24 April 2021

Eroica South Africa 2021

Montagu Events - Eroica South Africa 2021
Eroica South Africa is back in Montagu on 24 April 2021.
For 2021 we’ve changed the format of the event a bit - to ensure everyone’s comfort and safety - and we’ll be focusing on giving riders the opportunity to spend the day out on their bikes with close friends and family. We’re structuring the riding in such a way that everyone can choose on the day how far and wide they’d like to explore. Think of it as a choose-your-own-adventure type of day, with pick-up spots for picnic-style food packs. This way each rider or group can choose where they spend some time enjoying their food and drinks along their route. Each rider will have a map with routes and distances clearly laid out, food pick-up points and beer stops clearly marked, and lots of potential picnic and even swim spots indicated. As always there will be great emphasis on good, fresh local food and refreshments, and of course our planned routes will be filled with beautiful views and adventurous detours. We will make up for everything we’re giving up by making every other aspect of the event better than ever.
The 2021 NOVA gravel bike category will still have a race aspect this year, with four timed Strava race-sections. The distance will be a bit shorter, with more technical sections, but there will be lots of time in between for hanging out, drinking beer, swimming, and enjoying the view. Let’s work together to make Eroica South Africa 2021 the best one yet!

Registration for Eroica South Africa 2021 is open!
Register at the link below:

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