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Friday, 23 September 2022

Barrydale Balke Toe!

Montagu Events - Barrydale Balke Toe!

The shout of 'balke toe' in the days of old when sokkies were held in farm sheds was essentially an instruction to 'leap for the beams' in order for work to be done on the dance floor below.

One ideally wants a beautifully flat/ 'slippery' floor for the langarm. But the floors of farm sheds and attics where never laid with that sort of precision in mind. They were made of either cow dung or rough hand sawn hardwood planks often scuffed and rutted by the wear and tare of farm life.

Lubrication, when faced by dance floor challenges like this, would come in the form of a regular dusting of miliemeal flower. (Those beams must have been rather low - at least within reach of a good leap or hoist from your dance partner).

As with the classic farm shed the century old Bilanti floorboards have a seen their fair bit of action - making our dance all the more authentic one might say. We'll definitely have a bag of miliemeal in the wings on the night of 23 September. Or will Talcum powder be permitted?

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