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Thursday, 15 February 2018

Atypical Farming & Gardening Methods

Montagu Events - Atypical Farming & Gardening Methods
The Eco Club will be hosting an interesting talk by Hugh Laurens on: “Atypical Farming and Gardening Methods”

While news of this upcoming talk may have been unsettling for some, they are nevertheless - together with interested residents of Montagu - encouraged to find out and to understand more on this topic by attending Hugh’s 40 minute talk.
It would certainly clarify some matters and would provide an excellent opportunity to ask questions and even challenge the speaker, if you have opposing information.

Avoiding the use of poisons and improving soil quality without loads of compost is undoubtedly a very attractive idea! There are also ways to prevent predators from destroying one’s crops or veggie patches!

Hugh Laurens was a Professor of Forestry at Stellenbosch University when his health necessitated relocating to a much drier climate. There he continued to work on energy towers which he had discovered while on a work-trip to America. He has subsequently helped numerous people, predominantly farmers, improve their land, crops and stocks.
Currently he is finding that, with radionics, great results can be achieved, though the equipment is sizably smaller.

People particularly interested in the physics behind these principals are invited to chat with Hugh after his main address.

* Where – Montagu Caravan Park
* When – Thursday 15th February, 18h00

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