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Art Exhibition - Reflections
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Art Exhibition - Reflections

16 Aug 2018 - 28 Aug 2018
REFLECTIONS is an exhibition of paintings and drawings by Hanna Naudé and Joekels (Jurie Wessels) that will run at the i-Art Gallery in Worcester from 16 August.

The i-Art Gallery is at 132 Church Street, Worcester. It is open between 08h00 and 16h00 on weekdays. The opening, on 16 August, will be at 18h00 and entry will be from 16 Napier Street. The exhibition will run until 28 September.

The title refers to the contrasts in the two artists’ painting style, in turn reflecting the different aspects of life that they present on canvas and paper.

Ms Naudé’s pictures for this exhibition often present characters in interior settings, characters who are involved in an interior discourse, reflecting on the joys and struggles of everyday life.

Wessels presents his characters outdoors, often near water or among trees, and they are consciously relaxing, indeed escaping from the issues of everyday life.

“At first sight, I am merely presenting what I experience or see around me every day,” says Naudé. “But I invite the viewers of the paintings to come with me on a journey – a journey to an alternative reality that resembles what is familiar to us. My attempt is to make the familiar better, or more interesting, or at least more inviting, by re-interpreting everyday situations and scenes.”

Wessels says, “Art is nothing more, or less, than storytelling. People have been telling stories since the earliest, primitive stages of civilisation. Our ancestors told stories via dance, or though songs, and some have told stories via paintings on rockfaces, We make pictures because it’s what we do, what we’ve always done.”

Hanna Naudé is a full time artist and art teacher. She lives in Montagu, having settled in the Little Karoo after some years in the Boland and in Europe. She studied and qualified as a graphic designer.

Jurie Wessels started his working life as a journalist before becoming a businessman. He lives in Montagu, where he paints and draws full-time, signing his paintings “Joekels” – the nickname he has carried since birth, in his family.

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