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Vondi's Pet Food & Remedies

The Healthy, Natural Alternative

Vondis Holistic Pet Nutrition is a registered, scientific, complete and balanced diet that is natural, wholesome and free of preservatives.

While the manufacturers of processed food claim that our pets can thrive on a diet consisting of nothing but commercial pet food, research and an increasing number of veterinarians implicate processed pet food as a source of disease or as an exacerbating agent for a number of degenerative diseases.

What makes Vondi's food so special?

* It is nutritional pet food formulated by a professional animal nutritionist that offers your pet a balanced diet to ensure a healthier and longer life.

* It contains absolutely NO nasty preservatives and is scientifically calculated and prepared to ensure maximum nutritional value and digestibility.

* The tried and tested recipe is personally seasoned with love! Totally natural with meat, grains, veggies, freshly picked herbs, olive oil and more ...

Vondi's is also actively involved in educating the public on the nutritional rights and demands of our cats and dogs, and has had major success in curing the many common ailments and sickness that we find nowadays - especially skin disorders and allergies. It is proudly South African, completely transparent and aspire to a code of good business ethics, which includes supporting animal welfare organisations and animal rights campaigns.

The owner of Vondi's, Paul Jacobson, is a regular guest on Radio 702 and Capetalk Radio. He writes for many health and animal publications on natural and holistic pet care.
Vondis was a finalist in the Nedbank/Capetalk Small Business Awards for their contribution to animal welfare and care and has featured many times on national television.

If you are as caring of your pet as Vondis is, then become part of this warm family that honestly cares about the well being of our companion animals.

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Contact Details
Contact:Ronel Preston
Tel Number:+27 23 614 16330
Mobile:+27 (0)83 250 31920
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