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Two Dam Sustainable

Uncompromised Sustainable Farming
Two Dam Sustainable
All trout products are produced and packaged on LANGHOOGTE, a farm in the Montagu area that runs almost entirely on renewable energy. The farm strives towards uncompromised sustainability in all fields of its farming and operational practices; from its water supply, to the alien clearing projects and waste management practices.

Trout is a better alternative to some lesser sustainable fish options, especially those fish stocks threatened by over-exploitation in our oceans. The Sustainable South African Seafood Initiative (SASSI) a division of the WWF lists South African farmed rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) as a sustainable ‘green-listed’ species.

Our Products

Fresh Trout, whole ~ gutted and gilled
Fresh Trout, fillet Hot-smoked Trout, whole or fillets ~ Trout cured in salt, seasoned with pepper and mustard seeds and hot smoked with oak saw dust
Hot-smoked Trout Pâté ~ Prime cuts of smoked trout, oil, fresh 'organic' lemon juice, dill and salt & pepper
‘Gravlax’, Sliced or portion / whole fillet ~ Trout cured in salt, sugar, dill, 'organic' lemon zest and black pepper
Cold-smoked ‘Gravlax’, Sliced or whole fillet ~ Trout cured in salt, sugar, dill, 'organic' lemon zest and black pepper and cold-smoked with oak saw dust
Cold-smoked Trout 'Slivers', Sliced or portion / whole fillet ~ Trout cured the traditional way in salt and sugar and then cold-smoked with oak saw dust
‘Traviar’ ~ a trout-alternative to the well know delicacy of caviar, or salt-cured roe


Come and see how we operate our sustainably run farm and recirculating trout aquaculture system. We start with a tour of the farm's renewable energy supply (photovoltaic panels, micro hydro turbine and battery bank control system). Then we'll tell you more about our sustainable farming practices and move to the recirculating trout farm to see where and how the trout delicacies are being produced.

This is followed by a tasting of our products served with refreshments and overlooking our picturesque valley. Some of the products on offer are: Whole hot smoked trout, smoked trout pate & smoked gravlax with crackers, pate on cucumber, eggs with gravlax, fresh home-made farm bread, together with beverages and tasty spring water straight from the farms spring. Langhoogte farm is situated 24 km outside of Montagu.

The trout farm was built in 2015 and its unique and renewable energy powered design makes it a must see Recirculating Aquaculture System unlike any in Africa.
Our weekly produced fresh trout products can also be ordered in advance.
Please request our product and price list.

* A MINIMUM OF 5 paying GUESTS are required
* Cost is R 200/person (up to 10 guests)
* One guide/driver is free of charge
* Tours are offered on Fridays and Saturdays at 11am
* Bookings have to be confirmed by Monday 12pm
* Tours take approximately one hour and guests can enjoy the tasting over lunchtime to 14:00

Self Catering Accommodation

Langhoogte Farm presents Kingfisher Cottage, self-catering accommodation. The cottage is ideal for a couple seeking a romantic getaway, or a young family looking for some fun and nature. Click here to see more information.

Contact Details

Contact: Vivian Harms
Tel: 082 748 6448

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