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Montagu Wine and Spirits Company

In January 2010, the cellars Rietrivier and Uitvlucht joined forces to form Montagu Wine and Spirits Company. The home of the original Montagu Muscadel.
Montagu Wine and Spirits Company
Roughly 10 producers supply the grapes for the production of the wines with the furthest two 60km apart. The vineyards are situated from 400 to 700m above sea level. The KOO region is the highest region and get so cold that it snows in wintertime.

Due to the hilly and sometimes mountainous terroir, the viticulturists have a variety of slopes to choose from when considering the best location for specific cultivars. A variety of mesoclimates can be identified ranging from secluded areas high up in the mountains to the lower riverbeds in the valleys.

This gives the opportunity to produce excellent wines, ranging from Sauvignon Blanc in the higher areas to Muscadel (Muscat d’ Frontignan) in the fertile riverbeds. The daily winds in the afternoon ensures good air circulation, prevents high relative humidity and excessively high temperatures from developing in vine canopies.

All of this contributes to the optimal environment for physiological ripening of grapes and for the synthesis of colour, flavour and aroma compounds. This diversity of climate, topography and terroir ensure that the cellar can choose from a vast array of grape styles and quality to make the wines for ultimate enjoyment.

Trading Hours
Mondays to Fridays: 9:00 – 16:00
Saturdays and Public Holidays: 9:00 -12:45

Rietrivier Cellar Route 62

GPS Coordinates
33°47’50” S 20°07’82” E
Tel: +27 23 614 1340


Contact Details

Tel: +27 23 614 1340

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