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MCH Wellness Centre

Let us leave you fresh and stress-free
MCH Wellness Centre
Our European forbearers who came to this land were thoroughly aware of the medical qualities of source or mineral waters and their relaxing properties. At the beginning of the 18th century, a German explorer, Peter Kolbe, made mention of the well-known Western Cape hot Springs.

Early Colonists and Cape officials soon came to know the healing waters of the fountains and springs in the vicinity. Even before the first "trekboere" / "trekking farmers" crossed the Great River, there were bathing spots in Malmesbury, Worcester, Citrusdal, Barrydale, Calitzdorp and of course the famous springs in Montagu.

The San and the Khoi tribes - indigenous people of the Southern part of Africa - knew these waters well.
According to an old folk legend, Montagu's healing water was discovered by one of the early trekboere, who hurt his hand when a wagon wheel ran over it. Arriving at the 'standing place', where the town of Montagu was later settled, the farmer followed the mountain stream to where it grew hot and repeatedly dipped his injured hand into the waters. He was astounded when it healed much sooner than expected whereupon the reputation of Montagu's waters grew.

In our Health & Wellness Centre we offer a soothing selection of Health & Beauty treatments and relaxation therapies. The Wellness Centre is sure to feed your soul ... stimulate your senses ... and leave you feeling wonderfully refreshed and stress-free.

At the Montagu Country Hotel we have our very own Artesian spring, fed from deep beneath the earth. It is 120 meters deep and produces mineral water at a temperature of 23 degrees.
Set aside especially for you, it supplies the bathroom in our Wellness Centre too.
No chemicals are used in this water, and the smell varies from day to day. After each use the bath the water is let out and hygienically cleaned.

The stress-releasing qualities of this water has been praised by many of our guests, and for athritis it cannot be beaten!!

After the bath experience we have two trained ladies who will relax and revive your energy to face the hectic city life again!

Health & Beauty Treatments

* Massages
* Mineral Bath
* Scrubs & Mud-Wraps
* Manicures & Pedicures
* Tinting of Eyelashes / Eyebrows
* Facials
* Treatment Packages * Waxing: (Eyebrow shaping; Lip / Chin; Under-arms; Half/Full Leg; Bikini; Half Leg / Bikini; Full Leg /Bikini; Arms)

Gift Vouchers for all treatments available!

Contact Details

Contact: Reception Montagu Country Hotel
Tel: +27 23 614 3125

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