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Time to rest DTS/9 - "Delicate Transformation" Series

Montagu Art - Time to rest DTS/9 - "Delicate Transformation" Series
This is a limited edition series of prints and comes with a certificate of authenticity

A reminder that seeing the spots on the Ladybug, is the universe telling you it’s time to count the blessing you already have around you. Take a moment and think of as many ways you are blessed as the number of spots on the ladybird. There is enough time for everything. One has to rest, in order to give love and do one’s best. Rest is just as important as work. Balance is the key to life, and all flying insects know just how to balance perfectly. Take a moment, spoil yourself and sit in your garden for a moment of silence and appreciation for all the little miracles of life around you.


Price: R8,600
Medium: Prints
Orientation: Landscape
Size: 100 cm x 50 cm


Laresa Perlman & Verna du Toit Art