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Klein Nektar Wine & Olive Es...
from R775 per person 
Montagu Guano Cave - Stone C...
from R1500 per unit (sleeps 6) 
Self-Catering Accommodation 
Caravan Park Self Catering
Self-Catering Accommodation 
Cottage on Long
from R450 per person (sleeps 4) 
Glen Eden Farm
from R450 per person (sleeps 15) 
360on62 Mountain View Cottag...
from R1200 per unit (sleeps 2) 
Talana Self Catering Farm Ho...
from R250 per person (sleeps 10) 
Montagu Springs Holiday Reso...
from R850 per unit (sleeps 4) 
Rainbow Glen
from R325 per person 
Montagu Four Seasons
from R1000 per unit (sleeps 4) 
Long Acres Cottages
from R450 per person (sleeps 2) 
Bon Accord Farm Cottages
from R550 per person (sleeps 2) 
Porcupine Peak Farm
from R375 per person 
Harmonie Farm Cottage
from R900 per unit (sleeps 4) 
Self-Catering Accommodation 
The Cricket House
from R600 per person (sleeps 3) 
Anchorage Inn
from R400 per person (sleeps 6) 
Little Sanctuary
from R950 per unit (sleeps 2) 
from R2400 per unit (sleeps 6) 
Wonder Farm Stay
from R450 per person 
Koo Karoo Guest Lodge
from R450 per person (sleeps 2) 
Abigail's Garden Cottage
from R1150 per unit (sleeps 5) 
Kogman & Keisie Guest Farm
from R650 per person (sleeps 14) 
Le Domaine Self Catering Far...
from R1275 per unit (sleeps 4) 
Another World
from R1800 per unit (sleeps 2) 
MaLouMa Guest farm
Self-Catering Accommodation 
The Short and Lazy
from R475 per person (sleeps 4) 
Olive Stone Farm
from R1200 per unit (sleeps 2) 
Wijnberg Cottage
from R475 per person (sleeps 4) 
Self-Catering Accommodation 

Self-Catering Accommodation

By far the most popular accommodation choice, the self-catering option offers the freedom to head out for a meal, or prepare something yourself quickly. Let's be honest, eating out three times a day can become expensive. Not finding what you are looking for? Why not try our search facility?
Montagu, Western Cape